Organisation & Processes

Are you seeking to optimise your work flows, reduce routine tasks, cut media gaps and gain process transparency and control?

Significantly changed market conditions, increasing global competitive pressure and new technological options all require companies to regularly align their organisation and processes. We lend you support for the professionalisation and (out)sourcing of your business processes and services and assist you with alignment to achieve operational excellence. Our expertise in business analysis, business engineering and process optimisation is a guarantee for successful implementation.

We pragmatically and cost-efficiently optimise your processes and organisation on the basis of best practices – getting you fit for excellence.


Pragmatica AG
Bahnhofstrasse 28 CH-6300 Zug
Tel: +41 41 749 10 15, Fax: +41 41 749 10 14

Location Zurich

Pragmatica AG
Badenerstrasse 585 CH-8048 Zurich
Tel: +41 43 311 20 10, Fax: +41 43 311 20 11

Location Singapore

Pragmatica Singapore Pte. Ltd.
4 Battery Road #25-01 / Bank of China Building
SGP-049908 Singapore